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I’m Will Shepherd. I’m married to Clare the rector of Ewhurst with Okewood & Forest Green. After a 20-year career in advertising I’ve decided to retire and tuck in behind my wife to support her mission in the local community.

Pet daycare, walking and visiting came to me as an ideal way to combine my passion for cats and dogs (and the people in my neighbourhood!) with a more active lifestyle and a better work-life balance.

To date, as a Creative Director, I’ve had a great career that’s taken me from Shenzhen to Riyadh to Cape Town to San Francisco. I even managed to work with the eight Dulux dogs on one of their TV ads! And in the last 2 years I was doing several projects for Purina, so I’ve been totally embroiled in the health and wellness of pets.

Do give me a call if you need your cat or dog looked after in any way. Primarily I’m focused on daycare, walking and visits, but if you have any special needs I’m happy to consider helping out.






Within a 2-mile radius of GU6 7PX, I am happy to come out and take your dog for a walk of 45 minutes or 3 miles, whichever comes first. I’m even happy to run with a dog if you have a particularly sprightly pet. I'll agree a route with you as we set up the schedule, and of course I'll be creative in suggesting new routes as and when. 

We can discuss 'lead-on/lead-off' scenarios and I'll bring my own bags to scoop the poop!

To reassure you, I have full, specialised dog-walker insurance, I'm a certified dog first aider and I am fully DBS checked.



Daycare is a 7.5hr window (£20/£25 for puppies) between 8am and 6pm. There is the option to extend in half-hourly intervals at £2.50 per half hour. Drop-off is preferred, but I’m always happy to negotiate.



Going on holiday? Or away for the weekend? Give me a call and we can arrange a feeding, walking and stroking schedule. Dogs, cats, rabbits... I think I'd draw the line at snakes and spiders! The cost is £6.25 per visit.


1.     Give me a call, drop me an email

2.     Define walking/minding schedule

3.     Complete Pet Info form

4.     Complete Contract



All payment is made either by cash, cheque or by direct transfer into my bank account (details provided on contract). Arrangements can be made for weekly or monthly billing.

Will is a thoroughly reliable chap and handles our Spuddy no problem. He’ll even take her on a run as a special treat, which is great because it really zonks Spuddy out.
— Toby Beresford




BASIC WALK: £12.50

This features me taking up to four dogs from separate owners on a walk for a minimum of 45 minutes or 2.5 miles, whichever comes first.


EXTRA DOGS: +£7.50

If as a sole owner you have more than one dog, then the first dog is £12.50 with extra dogs being £7.50 each. I am walk a maximum of four dogs together.



Choose this service if you would prefer I just take your dog/s out for a basic walk. Additional dogs £10.



£25 secures a maximum 7.5 hours day care from drop-off. Half-days are £15. Extended hours are charged at £2.50 per half hour. You provide food and any toys/bedding that make your dog feel at home. I provide the home and, most importantly, the daily exercise they need. Pick-up and drop-offs by the owner are preferred and occur in half-hour windows e.g. drop-off 0800-0830, pick-up 1530-1600. Puppies are £30 for the day and £17.50 for a half day.


VISIT: £6.25

I'm happy to visit cats and dogs in half hour slots (no problem if you want to discuss a more bespoke service). I'll drop in to feed them, give them a stroke or a pat and, if a dog, take them outside for the necessaries.



Satisfied Customers

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Don't hesitate to give me a ring on: 07941 248 955

Or fill out the form below, complete with message, and I'll be in touch.